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Swim Classes

Welcome to Swimrific's bread and butter. We offer a variety of classes to suit your individual needs.

If you're new here, we'd also like to thank you in advance for your patience while we ensure each teacher sent out to you meets our Swimrific standard.


Private Swimming & Water Safety Class

For individuals who want to learn to swim and get water safe! While one-on-one instruction is never our first option to start children on their swim journey, we understand that this may work better for you at this point in time.


30 mins @ S$75 | 45 mins @ S$97.50 | 1 hour @ $130


Group Swimming & Water Safety Class

Highly recommended class for any child starting or continuing their swim journey. On top of swimming skills, group classes also improve a child's social and life skills. While we never encourage comparing one child to another, a little friendly competition can go a long way.


30 mins @ S$32.50/child | 45 mins @ S$43.50/child


Group Baby & Me Class

For babies between 6 months to 4 years of age. Each baby is accompanied by one adult. Babies learn water safety, familiarisation and confidence through songs, rhymes and toys while adults learn how to swim comfortably and confidently with their babies so water fun time isn't restricted to class time.


30 mins @ $32.50/child


Adapted Aquatics Swim Class

For any individual who learns a little differently. We break class down into components that are easily understandable. We're also able to help with gross and fine motor milestones, social skills and more. With the right teacher, patience and reassurance, individuals with special needs can thrive in water environments just like any other.


30 mins @ $75


Competitive Strokes Class

For individuals who have learnt how to swim but want to improve the efficiency of their strokes. We work on stroke correction while building up a swimmer's stamina to prep them for swim squads or competition.


One-to-one: 45 mins @ $97.50 | 60 mins @ $130

Group: 45 mins @ $43.50/swimmer

60 mins @ $54.15/swimmer

Backstroke Swimmer

Adult Swimming & Water Safety Class

Regardless of whether you're a total beginner or want to start swimming again for exercise. If you need lessons, Swimrific's got your back! We love that you're thinking about taking that first step and we're just thrilled to be able to help you learn what you want. Talk to us about your goals and we'll work on it with you in the pool!


One-to-one: 45 mins @ $97.50

Group: 45 mins @ $43.50/swimmer

60 mins @ $54.15/swimmer

Trial Class Available Upon Request

If we haven't yet convinced you that we're your partners for water safety education, we're happy to offer you a one-off class at the rates above to meet up with you, answer your questions and put your mind at ease. Get in touch with us through or Whatsapp us at +65 8161 1208.

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