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Welcome to SwimFin Singapore

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About SwimFin

What can SwimFin offer You?

It inspires



and play.


No restrictive


Makes the

learn to swim process quicker and easier

Helps maintain

natural swimming position


- Ultra Safe -

Stays in one

place, no tipping

or slipping


Used as a training

and teaching tool

It is multi-stroke

functional and

works across all

four swim strokes

Black SwimFin

Benefits of SwimFin

SwimFin is worn on the back and expertly weighted to provide support when needed.

Why SwimFin?

Children love the SwimFin because it's shape appeals as a fun piece of kit. It also appeals to parents and instructors as it makes learning to swim more of a game than a chore. Tests have proved that learning to swim with SwimFin can reduce the process by up to a third less time.

SwimFin Achievements

SwimFin Achievements

SwimFin is founded and created

by Kev Moseley (a UK instructor and coach with over 40 years experience)


SwimFin has passed both

EN71 Toy Safety and

EN13138 Buoyancy Aid International Safety Standards

Libby Trickett - SwimFin Ambassador and 4x Gold Olympic Medallist


SwimFin is endorsed by several swimming governing bodies


SwimFin is an Official Water Safety Partner of Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK)


SwimFin has won many international awards


SwimFin has attained a 4.7 star rating out of 5 on Amazon UK

SwimFin Safety

SwimFin Safety


A SwimFin should never be used used with a baby that does not have good control over their body yet.


A SwimFin must NEVER be worn on the front of the body.


If your child has sensitive skin, it is advisable to have them wear a t-shirt or UV top before strapping SwimFin on.


Use only under constant competent supervision

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SwimFin - Trade

SwimFin Trade

The SwimFin brand is fast becoming the leading swimming aid brand on the market. SwimFin is highly innovative with long lasting value.

We supply to a broad range of customers including retailers, wholesalers, independents, leisure centres, holiday companies and hotel chains around the world.

We now export to over 140 countries worldwide.


You can download a copy of our Brochure in PDF format here.

If you are interested in stocking our product and working with us, please contact our trade account manager.


+65 8161 1208


- SwimFin is proudly distributed by Swimrific Private Limited in Singapore -

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