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Swimrific + Covid-19 Measures

It's crazy how drastically life has changed in the last couple of months and more so in the last week alone. These uncertain times pose challenges to everyone including those who've been known to be highly adaptable. As such, here's an update trying to sum up the last couple of weeks for you as well as the measures Swimrific will take going forward.

In Singapore

New cases: 40 Discharged today: 7 Total discharged: 131 Total remaining in hospital: 254
  • Cases have been on a steep incline (for our local context) BUT...

  • From government updates, all cases can be traced and linked back to other confirmed cases OR have been imported as Singapore sees more citizens and others who call this country home return from abroad; therefore, no rampant and untraceable community spread is evident.

At Swimrific

Having witnessed many friends around the world close their swim schools over the last couple of weeks has shattered me. China swim schools have been shut since January, Taiwan and Hong Kong swim schools have also been affected since early Febraury. Recently, the countries added to the count include Canada, US, UK, Malaysia and even some in Australia.

We're not just talking about the discontinuation of swim classes for tens if not hundreds of thousands of children around the world, we're talking about the livelihoods of teachers and staff within these swim schools whom so many kids have grown to love.

Life as we know it has been turned upside-down and inside-out.

Thankfully, the swim industry is now more united than ever with efforts from all levels; helping, giving ideas and looking for answers.

We've been extremely fortunate to be based in Singapore, running at an estimated 90% of our usual number of classes.

Coach Marcus

He has been well throughout this period of time. Classes continue to run as per usual.

Coach Shirlyn

As many of you know, I have been away on MC more frequently than I've ever been! What was supposed to be a solid 14 days of travelling and holidaying ended up being a collective 12 days on MC. I'm really grateful for all the care and concern you've shown while I was recuperating. It was honestly nothing serious - merely a slight but persistent cough that refused to go away. Prior to Covid-19, I've definitely continued teaching in a worse condition than I was in this time round (not something I'm terribly proud of but this is me being totally honest). But, in times like this, I think it wise to err on the side of caution and practice being socially responsible.

You'll all be glad to know that the doctor sent me for a chest x-ray on Wednesday (17th March 2020) and I've been cleared from any form of chest infection and also cleared to jump back into the pool. *Yay!*

Our Swimmers & Their Families

The Swimrific team has been really appreciative that parents are keeping children at home if they are unwell. Other than a snotty nose here and there (which we all know is REALLY common with children AND more importantly, phlegm and mucus - not a Covid-19 symptom), everyone we've heard from is generally well.

We do have several families who have family in Europe. I know of a client's dad who's a doctor on the frontline in Italy. From what we've heard, everyone's loved ones are doing okay amidst this crisis. Our thoughts, good vibes and prayers go out to them.

Measures for Immediate Implementation

  1. Declare your travel history: Swim families who have returned from overseas within the last 14 days MUST notify our team with country/countries visited and date of return to Singapore as soon as possible. This must happen minimally one hour before the commencement of class. If you have travelled within the last 14 days, we ask that you DO NOT attend class until the 15th day of your return.

  2. Take your temperature: We ask that temperatures for everyone getting into the pool be taken at least one hour before the commencement of class. For transparency, please update your respective Whatsapp groups with the recorded temperatures.

  3. Keep a safe distance: As most of our classes do not exceed 6 students per class, we will endeavour to keep a safe distance between individuals. Where possible, we ask that parents (for infant and toddler classes) space out in the swimming pool for class activities. Our teachers will try their very best to stay away from activities that require close contact. In addition, we would also like to remind parents watching from deck to keep a safe distance from others.

  4. Shower and disinfect: We strongly encourage students to arrive at the swimming pool just before the commencement of class and return home straight after getting out of the pool. Avoid loitering by the poolside to minimise contact with outdoor surfaces. Get a shower as soon as possible to remove chlorine and germs from your body!

With an equal measure of expatriates and local clients, half of our swimmers as well as our team have family who are more susceptible to contracting viruses. The team at Swimrific seeks your understanding in this matter as our teachers still see more than a hundred swimmers and parents each week. If each of us is socially responsible, our teachers will be in a better position to protect themselves and those they love.

Thank you for taking the time out to read this short post.

Until next time, stay safe, keep healthy and see you at the pool!

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