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This is Me

Hi there!

As mentioned in the background portion of the site, this page was created after my last business venture in the swim industry. For now, I have decided to teach swimming on a freelance basis and actually FOCUS on teaching instead of worrying about swim school operations.

This website has been really fun to put together! I have poured my heart and soul into its creation and I look forward to sharing with each and every one of you my thoughts and perspectives about swimming and water safety.

I learnt how to swim at the age of 10 (pretty late based on what I now know). I was in primary 4 at that time and as most of you would know, that meant compulsory swimming lessons for everyone. Being young, spoilt, and already self-conscious, I asked my mom to get in touch with my father who then agreed on lessons at Singapore Island Country Club. The rest of the story is history! I fell in love with the water then and have only grown more fond of it over the years.

My independence was trained over the years having grown up in a single parent - single child family. Even so, I've got a huge and very close-knit extended family who's always loved and supported me.

I am by nature a seemingly carefree individual who loves to find enjoyment in everything I do. As mentioned in the 'ABOUT' section, I definitely do not know everything there is to know about swimming . Neither am I an individual who will claim that everything on this site is the "only way" to do things. Each system/method/way of doing things has its benefits. Else, it wouldn't presently exist.

I aim to be totally transparent in my sharing (this includes giving you the hard facts about the industry) and hopefully will be able to churn out a minimum of 1 post a week to start with. Even though I am AUSTSWIM trained, I will not dissuade you from trying out other systems. I hope to be able to do comparisons pointing out what I feel to be the pros and cons of various subjects at hand.

Please feel free to share your thoughts, pass comments or have a healthy debate with regard to future articles that may appear. I'd love to look at things from a different perspective. If you like what you see and read on my page, don't forget to share my blog posts and website with your friends and family too!

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