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Keeping in line with our goal of educating individuals about swimming and water safety, we're bringing to you a whole new range of activity sheets / worksheets for families!


Don't need alphabet writing practice? Just want to colour? A to Z of Swimming and Water Safety Colouring Book.


These activity sheets comes with a different picture for each letter of the alphabet. Yes! That's 26 pages of fun to teach your child and have conversations about water safety. We promise you'll even get some downtime as our young budding artists create their very own masterpiece.


Even though these activity sheets are geared toward children, we guarantee the kids at heart may learn a thing or two that wasn't previously known. We take the work out of worksheets and turn it into fun!


Don't need to practice writing the alphabet? Purchase this colouring book instead!




This activity book was created as a "stay-home" activity for avid, aspiring, young artists to unleash their creativity while learning the valuable life skill of swimming and water safety through designing their own masterpieces.


We recommend:

  • For younger children, use toddler / "first" pencils for a better grip.
  • Going through the write-up on each page (using our Parents' Reference on the next page) with your young learner before allowing them time to work on the page.
  • Have fun with your young learner and see each individual's imperfect perfection!
  • Review each page with your young learner after they're done to reinforce the learning message.
  • Lots of encouragement for your young learner to make it more memorable.
  • Sharing your child's masterpiece with the world through social media to spread the message of swimming and water safety to your friends and loved ones. (We'd also love for you to tag us #swimrific and @swimrific on your preferred social media platform so we can showcase your child's art as well!)


Thank you for committing to your family's journey toward safer swimming!




A-Z of Swimming & Water Safety Colouring Book

SKU: SD-002
    • 26 Colouring Pages: 1 page for each alphabet
    • 26 Swimming and Water Safety related messages: a different swimming and water safety message with each page
    • Parents' Reference Pages: To guide you along with easy explanations to help you guide your child through
    • 31 Page PDF Document (Ready to Print)
    • A4 Size Printable
    • ONE Cover Page
    • ONE Introduction Page
    • THREE Parents' Reference Pages (Covering all 26 alphabets)
    • TWENTY SIX Lettering and Colouring Pages
    • Downloadable straight after purchase!
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