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These Vinyl Floating Duckies come in six different colors that you can bring to the swimming pool or play with in your bathtub!


Your child will have loads of fun learning colours and using their imagination for play and swimming with these cool ducks! This is the perfect gift for all children especially for those who are still anxious about being in and around water.


We especially love them because they're weighted and always float upright. No more overturned duckies! AND... No more dealing with bath squirt toys that tend to get mouldy on the inside!

Colourful Vinyl Floating Duck

    • 6 Vibrant and beautiful colours that children love.
    • Ducks are weighted and float upright at all times.
    • Ducks do not fill up with water
      • No mould build up inside
      • Cleaning made easy


    Approximately 7.8 (L) x 6.2 (W) x 6.7 (H) cm

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